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DynaStrip AUTOMATION is critical in a prepress environment where repetitive tasks, such as building document input lists, assigning application filters and outputting assembled flats, require highly automated and reliable hot-folder based setups.

DynaStrip AUTOMATION combines the superior imposition capabilities true to classic DynaStrip with specialised page-pairing tools to enable newspaper and magazine printers to efficiently manage and impose document files that arrive in different orders and at different times.

Create up to 200 hot-folder-based setups to maximise the number of the jobs you can process at any given moment. Automatically output any complete flat to increase your productivity on tight deadlines. Effectively synchronise several imposition jobs at once and dispatch them to a variety of RIPs or output devices. Perform last-minute corrections by resending the corrected pages to the hot folder and reinitiating output.

DynaStrip AUTOMATION can be used with DigiPage to make the perfect automated newspaper or magazine workflow.

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